Valentine Wine Faves for You & Bae @ The Barrel and Bottle

Sun. Feb 11, 2024 | 12:00 - 2:00pm |
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Valentine Wine Faves for You & Bae @ The Barrel and Bottle

The Barrel and Bottle is back with our friend Eddie for another afternoon of wine tasting inside The North Market Downtown!!



WHERE: INSIDE The North Market Downtown


The tentative tasting lineup:

1. Azimut Cava Brut Nature – complex, bubbly and so so tasty. Perfect for any occasion!

2. Fuso ‘Teh’ – the Russo brothers bottling of Italy’s natural and daily drinkers. Great chilled red!

3. Florèz ‘Lovebirds’ – a California expression of traditional Burgundy varietals.

4. Cardedu ‘Caladu’ Cannonau di Sardegna – Sardegna’s version of the Spanish Garnacha.


There will be some educational tidbits to share about each wine – you can use them to wow all your buddies when you bring some bottles home to share!


In addition to sampling these 4 wines with your ticket price, there is the add on option to purchase a chocolate box we have curated to go along with the tasting. All of the treats found within are sourced from fellow North Market vendors!


There are 2 times to sign up… YOU MUST SELECT FROM ONE OF TWO GROUPS- with your tasting taking 1 hour to complete.

Wine Tasting GROUP ONE — takes place from NOON to 1PM

—- > (If you select this timeblock, please be checked-in by NOON to begin!)


Wine Tasting GROUP TWO — takes place from 1PM to 2PM

—- > (If you select this timeblock, please be checked-in by 1PM to begin!)


At the end of the tasting you will have the option to purchase the wines you tasted…. 10% off 6 bottles!