North Market has an obligation to both protect the safety of Market guests and to ensure that all guests can freely access and enjoy the Market’s services. Free and unimpeded access to the Market House is a necessary precondition for meeting this obligation.

Active solicitation within the Market House and the areas of egress to the Market, the outdoor Plaza, and the Market parking lot is not permitted unless it is a Market function or an activity related to fundraising for the Market and under the general supervision of the Market staff.

Active solicitation refers to any person-to-person communication for the purposes of (1) obtaining contributions and donations, (2) selling merchandise, coupons, or tickets, (3) collecting signatures, (4) distributing educational or promotional materials, (5) recruiting members or clients and (6) financial solicitations/transactions.

The passive solicitation and collection of donations by community-based, non-profit organizations is permitted only to approved persons or groups. The process to obtain approval for such activity is to complete an Application to Solicit North Market Guests and return it to North Market Development Authority. Application can be FOUND HERE.

Notices may be posted to two public bulletin boards located inside the Market House on the south end of the second-floor mezzanine. Use of these resources is subject to the approval of North Market Development Authority. North Market does not permit any exchange of monies or funds for this purpose.

Signs and banners, including lawn signs are prohibited on Market property unless it is for a Market function or an activity related to fundraising for the Market and are approved by North Market Development Authority.

Handbills, flyers, leaflets, pamphlets, or other written material that advertises, promotes, or informs persons about a person, business, company, or food service establishment are prohibited from being distributed on Market property (including outdoor Plaza and parking lot).

Candidates with nomination papers may not solicit signatures inside or outside of the Market House.

Nothing in this policy shall be construed as preventing the sale of publications, artwork, or recordings by writers, artists or performers who have been engaged by North Market for a presentation or performance.

North Market Development Authority shall make the final determination as to whether a solicitation is active or passive, and if the activity is permitted under this policy.

Businesses interested in soliciting North Market guests should reach out directly by email to inquire about booth and/or sponsorship opportunities.


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