North Market New Merchant Announcement: American Nut Company

Tue. Aug 13, 2019 |
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Columbus, Ohio (July 8, 2019) North Market is pleased to announce the addition of American Nut Company, a local business owned by Lisa Robitaille, specializing in Bavarian Glazed Roasted Almonds & Pecans blended with a touch of cinnamon, a splash of vanilla, and a bit of sugar that creates a unique spin on “State Fair” snacks that are different and healthier.  “We are thrilled to welcome American Nut Company to the North Market family,” said North Market Executive Director Rick Harrison Wolfe. “Lisa has been a wonderful addition for over a year as a pop-up and farmers’ market vendor. We are excited to see how she grows the business and expands her offerings once open full time at North Market.” Robitaille grew up in a family of business owners and cooks. She started American Nut Company in early 2017, shortly after moving to Columbus. She says she knew she wanted to start her own business while working in the corporate world and always believed the North Market was the perfect place to make that dream come true. American Nut Company was born when Robitaille combined her family’s entrepreneurial spirit and her love of cooking. “To me, North Market is the heart of Columbus. The Market has the best of everything that’s local: all the wonderful people, the unique foods, small businesses, and also there’s a whole international flair,” said Robitaille. “Everyone knows to visit North Market. Guests are truly exposed to a worldwide variety of people, foods, and culture. I am so excited for the opportunity to join the North Market merchant community.” Originally, the company began offering cinnamon vanilla flavored pecans, almonds, cashews, and walnuts. Today, they offer 30+ handmade nut flavors, both sweet and savory. Most recently, popcorn has been added to the menu. American Nut Company created and makes a selection of popcorn varieties. Each day, one variety will be featured and can be purchased warm throughout the day. American Nut Company also has a continuing collaboration with another Columbus-based business, Al’s Delicious Popcorn, to offer additional flavors. Using their own seasonings and several from North Market Spices, American Nut Company has made different concoctions combining popcorn and their signature nut mixes. One of their fan favorites is their homemade version of Cracker Jack that is made from Al’s salted caramel popcorn and American Nut Company’s homemade toffee peanuts. In the beginning, Robitaille started by practicing several different recipes, and gave her experiments to family and friends. She quickly began vending at different festivals and events including New Albany Farmers’ Market, Westerville’s 4th Fridays, Columbus Pride Festival and Parade, Creekside Blues & Jazz Festival, and opened up a stand at Polaris Fashion Place. In February 2018, American Nut Company started vending as a temporary pop-up at North Market. These experiences allowed her to get feedback from customers and immediately improve her product. After the North Market location opens, American Nut Company will launch a new website and will begin offering online orders. They also plan to expand their menu to include overnight oats, yogurt parfaits, nut butters and avocado toast. Robitaille will also continue to grow the wholesale business and will continue to pop-up at special events including holidays at Polaris Fashion Place. Robitaille would like to partner with local businesses that don’t have food on the menu such as breweries, wine tastings, coffee shops, and places wanting to outsource snacks. American Nut Company has begun construction on the vacant stall between Little Eater and North Market Spices and expects to open the new North Market location later this Summer. American Nut Company Phone: 614-535-8200 Email: Web: Instagram: @americannutcompany Facebook: American Nut Company Twitter: @AmericanNutCo