North Market’s Future, Perpetuity Guaranteed

Mon. Jan 23, 2017 |
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I deeply understand the importance of the North Market to our community and am humbled by the outpouring of concern about the future of our iconic institution. North Market is our city’s last remaining public market. Our survival is a result of the great support from the City of Columbus, the community and most importantly the dedicated entrepreneurs/merchants who have called Spruce Street their home over the years. The North Market Development Authority (NMDA) leases the building from the City of Columbus.  We have been extremely fortunate to have three administrations (Lashutka, Coleman and now Ginther) that understand the immense value that the market brings to our community and its visitors. However, administrations change and there are not guarantees of continued support. For nearly four years now, the NMDA has been working to address this uncertainty.  With the redevelopment of the parking lot, NMDA is seeking a financial structure that provides certainty for the North Market to be around for another 141 years. Our first condition before exploring redevelopment of the parking lot was, and remains, that THE NORTH MARKET WILL NOT MOVE.  None of the proposals being considered contemplate moving the market or substantially altering the existing buildings.  All of the proposals set out decades long assurances of income to maintain the Market, expand merchant space, and provide more, better space for the public to engage with the market and our merchants.  These proposals provide certainty and amenities that are better than what we have today. History can and will be preserved, but protecting the past by sacrificing the future will limit the success for our merchants, community and growing city.  North Market has always been and needs to continue to be an evolving institution to stay relevant and prosperous.  I encourage all to visit to stay informed. Thank you all for your continued patronage and support of your North Market! Sincerely, Rick Harrison Wolfe Executive Director, North Market Development Authority